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Our vision is to manufacture high performance and reliable vibration test systems, which exceed the specifications set by other global competitors.


Our primary objective is to turn our vision into reality; to successfully integrate Chinese manufacturing capabilities with the latest western design and technology, so providing users with affordable advanced vibration systems and field support, meeting the international standards of the global market.

All ETS Solutions equipment comply with international standards including MIL, ASTM, IEC, ISO and BS specifications.

Founded by a group of leading vibration & shock testing engineers, ETS Solutions today, offer an advanced range of vibration test systems at realistic prices.


The ETS Solutions organization consists of a strong team of dedicated engineers and managers with a variety of professional experiences in the vibration testing industry.

The management and engineering staff are flexible and highly adaptable to changing markets. Skilled design staff can rapidly integrate advanced technologies or customer requirements into the broad product line. This flexible ability allows ETS Solutions to quickly deliver improved innovative products without compromising on cost or quality.

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